5 Reasons Product Launches Fail

Ford Edsel Flop

If you try to find the exact percentage of product launches that fail, you’ll find many different studies with many different conclusions. Any one of them could be true—depending on how you define success. But regardless of the exact number, it’s high—which begs the question, why? Sure, some ideas were never destined for success. But many products that fail aren’t … Read More

Creating a Culture of Risk-Taking

Taking Risk

What critical qualities does a business need to achieve long-term success? A great idea, a solid business plan, invaluable human capital? Sure. But there is an x-factor in today’s climate that can make or break many businesses when change is the status quo and stagnancy means failure. This magical element is the culture of taking risks. Does your company foster … Read More

4 Soft Skills You Need to Succeed

Soft Skills

When applying for a job, you probably spend hours toiling over your resume aiming to show yourself in the best light. You list any and all positions, skills, and achievements that make you the best candidate. But there is something critical to success that even the perfect resume is unable to showcase. Soft skills, though not always mentioned in a … Read More

5 Unique Ways to Engage Your Customers

Customer Engagement

In today’s world of social networks and interactive media, the opportunities to engage your customers go far beyond selling and delivering your products and services. When you don’t take advantage of these opportunities, you aren’t getting the most out of your customers nor are they getting the most out of you. Gallup’s John Fleming and Jim Asplund found that an … Read More

4 Core Reasons Your Employees Hate Their Jobs—and How to Fix Them

Unhappy Employee

It’s sadly become the norm in the U.S. to hate your job. We complain about working too much, yet we don’t seem to spend enough time doing something about it. Today’s reality is that we need to focus on attracting and engaging employees over merely “keeping them around.” Businesses need to learn how to appeal to the growing number of … Read More